special spring dishes

Fresh vegetable – seafood cocktail

with homemade anchovy sauce and sesame seeds

€ 7.50

Carp fried in onion crunches

served with honey glazed vegetables, potato croquettes, and classic hollandaise sauce

€ 12.00

Slow-cooked turkey leg "Confit"

served with Potato hash browns, vegetable julienne and cherry chutney sauce

€ 14.00

Curd cream

with carrot – lemon jelly, peach halves and chocolate sauce

€ 4.50

SALads and appetizers

Fresh salad with fried duck breast

vegetables, cous-cous and mango-chili sauce

€ 9.50

Salmon carpaccio

thin slices of fish in lemon sauce with lettuce and shrimp

€ 12.50

Beef carpaccio

thin slices of meat with rocket salad and slices of hard cheese “Grand moravia”

€ 9.00

Caesar salad

with fried tiger prawns

with grilled chicken

with slices of fried bacon

€ 9.50

€ 7.00

€ 7.00

Various cheese plater

served with grapes and marmelade

€ 14.00

Mediterranean-style fresh vegetable platter

with feta cheese and herb-olive oil dressing

€ 5.50

Steamed tongue-vegetable salad

with mayonnaise-tomato dressing; served in spring roll pastry bowl

€ 7.00

"Wishy - washy swish"

lettuce and onion sprouts in sour cream – tyre sauce

€  5.00

garlic toast in a pot with cheese-garlic sauce

€  4.00

fried chicken wings, marinated in spices

served with sweet chili sauce

€  6.00

fried squid and onion rings

served with garlic sauce, sweet-chili or mayonnaise

€  5.50


Tiger prawn - thai style broth

with crawfish tails, mushrooms leeks and coconut milk

€ 10.00

spicy tomato - lentil soup

with whipped cream – horseradish topping

€ 7.00

carrot spinach cream soup

with whipped cream hat

€ 7.00

clear chicken broth

with spicy meat crisps

€ 4.50

"Hermines"soup of the day

ask your waiter

€ 4.00



with Greenland shrip
With smoked ham and mushrooms
with cheese and tomatoes

€ 8.00
€ 6.00
€ 5.00

Fried eggs and bacon

and fresh vegetablesalad

€  5.00

Seafood ENTRÉE

Grilled butterfish (escolar) with beetroot puree

potatoes fried in basil pesto sauce, and celery & lemon salad

€  14.00

Salmon fillet with cocktail shrimp and spinach

served with caramelized vegetables and caperberry & pesto sauce

€ 16.00

Oven-baked rainbow trout

served on a seasonal vegetable “pillow” with shallot – white wine sauce

€ 15.00

Oven-baked catfish fillet

served with pearl barley, lemon cream and onion crisps

€ 15.00

Fried coastal cod fillet

with vegetable relish, mashed green peas and pearl barley

€ 14.00

Mediterranean black mussels in their shells

braised in tomato & garlic sauce with white wine

€ 12.00


(cold-smoked cod with potatoes, onions, dill and cream, baked  and served in a ceramic pot)

€ 10.50


Beef thigh steak

with pink pepper sauce, served with sweet potato fries, fried garlic, tomato and caramelized onions

€ 22.00

Autumn lamb - vegetables stew

served in a pot with a mozarella cheese lid

€ 11.00

Grilled maple-glazed bone-in pork chop

served with baked potatoes with cheese sweet onion puree and ajika cream

€ 14.00

Herbed fried pork fillet

with potato-chanterelle arrangement and a delicious braising sauce

€ 14.00

Fried chicken fillet

seasoned in Gremolata with potato “Gratin” and blue cheese sauce

€ 14.00

Braised pork ribs

with potato skins, baked in herbed butter and stuffed with seasonal vegetables, and dark thyme sauce

€ 14.00

Oven-roasted duck breast

with mashed potatoes and carrot, orange marmalade sauce and pickled beets

€ 16.00

"Spicy Letters"

fried, stuffed bull testicles with hot vegetable julienne and “Postman`s House” grill sauce

€ 12.00

Postman Arvid`s favorite

barley – potato porridge “BUKSTIŅŠ” with smoked meat – onion souce

€ 7.50


Pearl barley risotto

with, selection of wild mushrooms, green peas and parmesan

€ 10.00

Pasta penne

with chicken breast, spinach, pickled cherry tomatoes, and Gran Moravia cheese

€ 8.50

Pappardelle pasta

with seafood in mild cream sauce and served with hard cheese

€ 12.50

Potato pancakes

with hot mushroom salad and sour cream – greenery sauce

€ 7.00


Mild white chocolate - cheese cake

with cherries and kiwi sauce

€ 5.00

Berries baked into flaky pastry with custard

served with homemade ice – cream

€ 5.00

Creamy crème brûlée

with blackberries and caramelised brown sugar

€ 5.00

Strawberry - vanilla parfait

 with caramelised hazelnuts and walnuts; served with white chocolate chips

€ 5.00

Icy treat

lemon and raspberry sorbet with selected wild berries

€ 5.00

Hermine`s dessert of the day

(ask your waiter)

€ 4.00

Kids Menu

Crispy potato “letters”

with tomato & cucumber salad, tomato sauce

€ 4.50

Pork chop with french fries

served with tomato sauce or mayo

€ 6.00

Mashed potatoes with slices of chicken in cream sauce

€ 5.00

Pancakes with cottage cheese, served with cream – vanilla sauce

€ 4.50

Pasta with cheese and tomato sauce

€ 4.50

vanila ice cream with strawberry sauce

€ 3.50

chocolate ice cream with strawberry sauce

€ 3.50

Pancakes with sour cream and jam

€ 4.00

Chocolate Crepes with vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam

€ 4.50